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2006 Elliptic Differential Operator, yields a Potential, with Stable Circular Orbits, ruled by the Golden Ratio.
2006 Capturing CO2 from the Atmosphere into Bio-mass - with Large-Scale Geothermal Greenhouses in Iceland.
2006 UPDATE - EMNG-01 Maxwell: (pdf). The Physics of Action writings, EMNG 1999-2006.
2005 Equally Tempered Fretboard for Guitar-like Instruments with Ultra High Precision - for Perfect Intonation.
2005 Mass as Twisted Vacuum [EMNG04] - (pdf) - validated by peers, as seen in New Scientist, Nature, etc...
2005 High-Speed Calculation of Trigonometric Functions (pdf) - using a Modified Riemann-zeta-function.
2005 Zone Sense - to discriminate "Inside - On Vertex - On Periphery - Outside" for general polygonal domains.
2005 Bathymetry and cartography with extremely large datasets from protected and secured private sources.
2005 EMNG-02 Photors: (pdf). The Physics of Action writings, EMNG 1999-2005.
2005 Structure, Mass and Moment of Subatomic Entities: (pdf)
2005 Orbits of Point Masses in Newtonian Gravitational Fields (in Icelandic) (pdf)
2005 Light as the 5th State of Matter and limitation of its transport capability. (pdf)(soon)
2004 Refreshing look at Energy, Heat & Work (in Icelandic) (pdf)
2004 Gamalt Ljós á Nýjum Belgjum: Thermoelectricity Lecture (pdf) - October 2nd.
2004 Why three generations of Electrons, Quarks and Neutrinos? (pdf)
2004 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Pro%Nil Systems to cooperate on a Thermoelectric System for Toxic Gas Monitoring.
2003 High Frequency Thermoelectric Generator, ICT2003 (pdf)
2003 International Conference on Thermoelectricity in Le Grand du Motte - France.
2003 Factoring Cubic Polynomials for Circuit Theorists (pdf)
2003 Diurnal Thermoelectricity Harvesting in Road Structures (pdf) (RANNUM)
2003 Diurnal Thermal Profiles on Roads: Iceland, USA & Italy
2003 Thermoelectricity hits the Road
2002 The Fisherman's Diaries
2002 The Ladder Hypothesis (pdf)
2002 Endothermic Electricity Generator
2002 Diurnal Thermoelectricity Harvesting
2002 NASA JPL invites GKO to lecture on Relativistic Thermoelectromagnetism in Los Angeles.
2002 Cross-Platform Navigational & Cartographic Information Exchange.
2001 A Ladder Thermoelectric Parallelepiped Generator (pdf)
2001 Thermodynamics of Plasma Fluids and Photon Production.
2001 Thermal conduction in symmetric compositive structures.
2001 Generation of 50/60Hz - 230/115V from Low Voltage Direct Current Generators.
2001 Plasma Electronics & Photon Stream Generator.
2001 Simulation of Thermoelectric Devices.
2000 A Relativistic Thermoelectromagnetic Theory (pdf)
2000 Optimizing Electrical Connections to Hot and Cold Terminals (pdf)
2000 International Conference on Thermoelectricity in Cardiff - United Kingdom.
2000 Accumulated Energy Extraction (pdf)
2000 Thermal Power in Water in Iceland
2000 Gravitational Power in Water in Iceland
2000 Nuclear Structures & Resonances: Rational Fundamental Masses (pdf)
2000 Thermodynamic Simulation with flow of materials
1999 Measuring Dynamical Parameters of Thermoelectromagnetic devices.
1999 Electric Power Generation with Hot & Cold Water.
1999 Heat Powered Semiconductor Electricity Generator.
1999 Mass Spectrum of Subatomic Entities and Nuclear Structures (pdf)
1999 Physical Tables for Momentum, Mass, Frequency & Wavelength Transformation: (pdf).
1999 Electromagnetism (pdf), Nuclear Structures & Gravity
1999 Thermoelectricity in Iceland.
1999 Hubble Radius increased.
1999 Intergalactic Communication and The Speed of Action.
1999 Tides & Currents.
1999 Airbreew: collecting CO2 with H2O from the atmosphere to make fuel and vine.
1999 The Solar System and Grand Quantum Gravity.
1998 Measuring Underground Magnetic Sources in Homogenous Material.
1998 Electrostatic and Magnetodynamic Units: EDISON & TESLA.
1998 High Frequency Cleansing of Living Tissues.
1998 EDISON: A new unit to complement TESLA.
1998 3D-Underwater Surface Maps.
1998 Electrogravity: SP.
1998 MAC-DOS-WINDOWS Directory Unification.
1997 Underground Communication in Homogeneous Substance (like sand).
1997 3rd-order Filters in Phase Locked Loops with Minimal Dissipation.
1997 Phase Locked Loop Oscillators for Harsh Environment.
1997 Underground Radar.
1997 Fishing in South Arctic Waters.
1997 Simulating 3rd order Phase-Locked-Loops.
1997 Intelligent Dis-assembler for 80x Proccessors.
1996 High Speed Algorithm for Topological Discrimination in Electronic Cartographic Systems.
1996 Torsion Field Distributed Toridal Transformer.
1996 Underwater Transmitter.
1996 Underwater Communication Systems: Silence Modulation.
1996 Catch Prediction, Icelandic Waters.
1996 Underwater Communication Systems.
1995 Mathematical Analyses of (Common) Electronic Cartographic Systems.
1995 Data transference between Ships with dissimilar equipments.
1995 LORAN <-> GPS.
1994 Navigational Cartography: Barent Waters.
1994 Track Logging of Ships with GPS.
1993 Representation of Geocentric Coordinates with Integer Words of Limited Bit-size.
1993 Modem Multiplexer.
1992 Data, Information, Knowledge & Intelligence; an AI path.
1992 Multi-user Data-management & Transactions over a Network.
1991 Data -> Information -> Knowledge -> Intelligence.
1991 Atomic view on the Electrical Properties of Matter.
1991 RS232 networks for Internet sharing.
1990 Physical Reference Manual.
1990 Remote Data Processing Software.
1989 Serial PC-networks with RS232 connection.
1989 Mark - Space Indicator for live performance drummers (Sugarcubes).
1989 Vacuumed Hot-Table for Oil Paint Restoration.
1989 50/60Hz Mains Frequency Converter for Hammond Organ.
1989 A Fractal Heat Exchanger Simulator.
1988 Mathematical Reference Manual.
1988 Phantom Power supply and Line Driver.
1988 Short-Tail-Pair: A Balanced Current & Voltage Audio driver.
1988 Great Circle Navigation.
1988 Cellular Automata high-speed Algorithms.
1987 Thermal Conduction & Thermal Capacity of Metals.
1987 Airborne Navigation, Around the world.
1987 Motor Switch Noise Suppressor.
1987 Fractal Geometry high-speed Algorithms.
1986 Data Compression & Scrambling with Hamming Matrixes.
1986 Recharging Alkaline Non-Rechargeble Batteries.
1986 Windows for QDOS.
1986 Multilingual Console Translation.
1985 Signal Traffic in Recording Studios.
1985 Verbal Queries of Inventories and Transactions.
1984 Harmonic Analysis of Frequency Modulation Synthesisers (Yamaha DX7 <-> Fourier).
1984 Grounding of Human Structures.
1983 Distributed AM Radio Transmitter.
1982 Destruction Tolerant Distributed Radio Transmitter System.
1982 Audio Multiplexer
1981 Sound Reinforcement for Concert Halls
1980 Maxwell's Equations in Inhomogeneous & Conductive Medium
1980 A Hard Fourier Synthesizer - Cellular Electronics
1980 A Soft Fourier Synthesizer - Mathematical tranformation.
1979 Distorted Loudspeaker Simulator.
1978 Frequency Spectrum in Semiconductor PN-Diodes.
1977 8 Dimensional Minkowsky Spaces with Imaginary Coordinates and Real Time.
1976 Common Base Amplifiers with Multiple Emitters for Low Noise or Multichannel Operation.
1976 Multiscreen Television - "one" TV drives "many" Picture Tubes with a High Voltage Distribution System.
1975 Mathematics, Logic & Software for Musical Compositions & Arrangements for IBM 1620.
1975 Electroacoustic Transducers for Musical Instruments.
1974 Amplification of Musical Instruments.
1973 Multiplexing Matrix for Guitar Effects.