From Selárdalur in Arnarfjörđur

This is not an ordinary guestbook as you see them on the internet. Here you can read some of the E-mails I have recieved since I started my website. This way it will be easier for me to have some control over what is showing in my guestbook. Mainly you will find compliments - so far I haven't had any bad reviews, but I'm waiting anxious to see if that happens. I've also put in here comments about my site wich have been published on other websites. If you would like to have your comments shown here below, please send me E-mail and I will forward it on to the guestbook.




Nökkvi Elíasson has been photographing deserted farms throughout his native Iceland. The dramatic results vividly show how the camera can transcend seemingly unphotogenic subjects when put in talented hands. Eliasson modestly says his people photos are his weakest subject, but based on the sample shown here, we feel his environmental portraits and candids are quite good.

Reviewed by Mason Resnick

..I had been to your website last night. It was a quite a great experience......Your work will always inspire me in future.

Shreepad Joglekar from India

..I just wanted you to know that I enjoyed viewing your site and your photography.

Michael O'Grady from USA

..I wanted to say thank you for your beautiful photos.....Your photos are REALLY very, very, very GOOD! I like black and white photos, I saw a lot of, but your photos - the best (my point of view).

Irina Barchenkova from Russia

....I teach b/w photography to high school students. I am always looking for examples of work for my students. Your photos from what i can see on my computer are great! I enjoyed your compositions and subject matter.

Anonymous from USA

...I bumped into your site today. Very nice pictures...

Rodney from New Mexico USA

....I think your photos are fantastic. I think you are too modest......

Pandora Karavan from Australia

I just ran across your website with your work posted. The images are great. The deserted farms are some of the best work I have seen.

Jesse H Bradley from Minnesota USA

I visited your pages and saw your photos. I'm impressed.

Hato Yu from Shanghai China

I liked your work very much - it's very strong - and I can appreciate the work you put into your prints.

Guy Aron from Melbourne Australia

I've been looking at different websites about Iceland because I'm interested in going there some day. I found that your page was the best. I really like your pictures.

Katie from USA

For your great photo pages please receive the "Excellent Photography Award".

Klaus Schachtschneider from Germany

Your pictures are generally very good, and some are stunning.

Pascal Montjovent from Switzerland

I found several of your photographs to touch a chord of recognition in myself.......I love your modesty, because you have some awesome images here!

Janet W. Calhoun from USA

I suppose it would be reasonable to ask the questions, "What is so interesting about deserted farms in Iceland, and why devote a web site to them?" Anyone who knows a little about the twentieth-century history of Iceland, and in particular how the rural settlement pattern has evolved in relation to economic and population change should, I think, be interested -- which is why a visit to Deserted Farms in Black and White, a site by Icelandic photographer Nökkvi Elíasson, will pay off. In addition to the subject-matter suggested by the title of the site, you will also find two pages of excellent black & white photos devoted to Nature and People.

Reviewed by Ed Jackson from Canada

I just wanted to write to say that your work is phenomenal. You've captured so much of a person's soul, and the beauty of the world around you very well in you photographs.

Phylis Iqbal from USA

Gorgeous photos. Thank you for putting them out to be viewed. You are obviously proud of the strength of the landscape of your country and at the strength of character of the pioneers who built those now abandoned farms. You have put together a quick and comprehensive web site. It was a pleasure clicking through your stuff. Keep up the great work.

Erik from San Francisco USA

You're incredible, man. I love your landscapes so much! They're better than most pictures I have ever seen, and I've shot a lot myself over the years. Keep up the good work.

Emmanuel Enyinwa from USA.

You are obviously a very talented photographer. I'm becoming increasingly interested in black and white photography, and you've proven to be a source of some inspiration. Keep up the good work; I'll be checking your site from time to time.

Martin Mielke from Ontario, USA

I am very impressed with the photographs on your website.  Your technique with the black and white film is outstanding. Every image that I've seen has been nothing short of outstanding. Keep up the good work.

Jim Miller from USA

Your website is lovely!! There is something about black and white photography, and particularly the
way you frame things that I find very appealing. Your site is now bookmarked under 'inspiration'!!

John Walsh from UK

Congratulations, you have been awarded the Artistic Excellence award from the Artistic Photography Ring.  You may display the attached award image on your site.  Congratulations.

Ryan Buck
Greetings from  Puerto Rico via Jersey City. This is the second time I "visit" your site. I love your B&W work. I find your images very emotive and powerful.I like the way you use high contrast in your work. Iceland is very mysterious and beautiful. Thanks again for sharing your great work with us!

Bernie Medina from Puerto Rica
Thanks for sharing your pictures with us.  I read the story in the New York Times and found your site.  The houses are hauntingly beautiful.  They provoke the imagination and stir the soul.  Thanks again for  giving us a window into your world.

Steven Tomlinson from Texas USA

Congratulations! Deserted farms in black and white has been reviewed and chosen to bear the 2001-2002 Golden Web Award. You and Your Staff at Deserted farms in black and white have Obviously Worked Very Hard.

I have seen your pictures in your web and I find very impressive. I see in your pictures the essence of what should be your country, that although I don't know it, I find beautiful, magic and strange, all these elements are those that find in your pictures, and that they are the same one that I find in my country, although completely different. Your pictures are stupendous.

Sebastián Martínez from Colombia South America

My breath was taken away when viewing your photos of the deserted farms of Iceland.  My ancestors came from Iceland and I am still in the process of determining from which farms they came

Susan Yost from USA

Your work is simply wonderful. The layout of the site is simple and is great.
David Carrera
Your photos are all very good. I enjoyed watching them  especially because I will live in Iceland for one year. I am very impressed by the beauty of this land. But most of your photos show a very melancholy atmosphere. I don`t know if it is just a result of the b/w, but anyway they are very nice and impressing. 


Your photos are really fantastic  And your site is excellent !!!  You have very much talent, because capture incredible moments !!   I like very much the photography and your photos are ones of the most beautiful I have seen in my life.  Congratulations !!!

Patty Bujanos from Mexico
I am very pleased to have found your webstie and photos today!  I very much appreciate you work not only in the photographs, but your obvious love of the subject matter as well.

Lisa Johnston from USA

I am intrigued by your work. You have such a gift, the way you can capture such emotion in the split second that you snap the picture. I am captivated by the way you can make a deserted farm look so breathtaking.

Carrie Gearhart from
I have been interested in visiting Iceland for some time now and have recently been looking at many of the websites that contain information and pictures.  My main interest is photography, and your site covers subjects that I especially enjoy...abandoned buildings and churches.  Thank you for the wonderful images that you have captured.  I have truly enjoyed looking at them.  You are very talented in the field of black and white photography.  I hope that you will continue to pursue this as you have time.  Thank you. 
Steve Zimmerman
 I've just spent a very enjoyable hour or so looking through your website. I have always enjoyed black and white photography, and your images, particularly the deserted farmhouses, are amongst the best I have ever seen. To merely capture an image on film is easy, but to also capture the "feel" of a subject is what separates truly great photographers from the rest. Your farmhouse pictures convey a whole host of emotions. Once again,congratulations on your quite superb photographs. Keep up the the good work.
 Carl Lindgreen from UK 
Your photos are beautiful! I have an old farm house that I am about to
remodel and would love to have some of your photos on my you sell

Kendy Norris from USA
It is not often that I find someones photos that really inspire me.  As a avid black and white photographer myself, it is nice to own some other works other than my own.

John Simmons from USA

I'm from South Africa, and love your photo's, which I believe show Iceland's true beauty. I have never been there, but would like to visit one day. I think you're really talented, and the photo's are, in a word, stunning! I adore black and white photo's, which I think are classier and more simple, and yours especially, as they show such clear scenes. Yet they are so beautiful, they make you sad and happy at the same time. Thanks for the photo's and your great website- I'll be back! Good luck with any exhibitions!!

Jeanine from South Africa
I would just like to say that I enjoyed looking through the site. It is an
unusual subject caught well and the site is very easy to navigate. Only
thing is get more photos on it. Keep up the good work

Michael Leask in the Shetland Isles, Scotland
Have to  say that your  work is emotionally  powerful.

You are "THE  MAN" 

Tommy Mc Daniel

My name is Bogdan and I am a thirty-nine year-old secondary school teacher living in Ontario, Canada.Over the last few days, I have been browsing many photography sites , including yours. I really enjoyed it, especially your nature and farm photographs. It makes me want to visit Iceland. Thank you for your generosity in sharing these wonderful pictures with the world.
Bogdan Antonescu from Canada
  I must say that you take some great photographs, they are haunting and yet beautiful. I am interested in your techniques, how do you get that glow in your photographs? I am not a very good photographer myself but am I fan of good photography and must say that your photos and your website surpass alot of the others I see on the internet.Thank you for sharing and I hope to be making an order from you soon.
 Sean Nielsen from Calgary, Alberta Canada
Let me tell you one thing: This is a great webside!! :)
Martha Ĺlgĺrd from Norway
Very beautiful images about deserted farms on Iceland.
All the best

Jan-Clemens Lampe
Hi my name is Brandi and i am an high school student in love with photography, i just had to write you a short note saying how much i like your work! i really love the style of it! Living here in the USA i dont see such beautiful landscapes! well keep up the good work!
Brandi from Bandaríkjunum
This is just a short note to say how much I like your photographs. I
came across them more than a year ago, by accident, and it took my
all this time to discover them again. They're terrific.
Thomas Hackett from New York in USA
Hi Eliasson,
I love your pictures of the deserted farms, they are really great and inspiring for me, thanks to people like you I keep learning and making pictures.
Greatings from Holland,
TJ (

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