67l Kópasker

Sími 465-2171

One of the specialities of this museum is the quantity of textiles of many kinds, most of them from the 19.th and the first 30 years of the twentieth century. Here you can see women’s best clothes, home made textiles, embroideries, such as covers, collars and women's underwear.
In the Folk-museum one can survey an assortment of old things people used on the farms and by the seaside. The oldest piece, a fine carved cabinet, is form the year 1726.
When here, you have to look at the collection of photographs of all the farmhouses in the district, taken in the years 1950-1970, and photos from the inhabitants and their families, some from the first days of photography in Iceland.
Both parts of this museum were built up in an old schoolhouse nearby Kópasker. The Library preserves a valuable collection of books given to the district by a single farmer and bookman, who mostly bound in and gilded the book himself. On the main floor the loan of books takes place.
It is surely worth the time to pay this museum, with its variety and large number of pieces, a visit.
We look forward to see you!