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Idunn Steinsdottir is one of Iceland's best known authors of children's books. More than 40 of her books have been published, including books that have been translated into German and English. She has also written award winning plays along with her sister, Kristin Steinsdottir.

Gegnum ţyrnigerđiđ / Durch die Dornenhecke Through the Thorn Hedge

An adventure book with modern connotations. In a valley where all had lived in friendship, an evil character conjures up a thornbush, dividing the valley into East and West. Later when the thornbush disappears, the inhabitants of the valley face the challenge of recreating their earlier, happier existence. Published in Icelandic and German. The book won the Icelandic Children´s Books Award fo 1991 and was entered in the IBBY roll of honour for 1992.

Ćvar á grćnni grein / Ćvar on the Top of the World

Ćvar is a young Icelandic boy living with his parents and grand parents abroad. He must grapple with some of the many complexities of living in a country where people do not speak his language and he must adapt to the many requirements of his surroundings. Illustrated by Gunnar Karlsson.

Fúfú og fjallakrílin / The Mountain Gnomes

The Mountain Gnomes is an adventure story for 6 - 10 year olds. The gnomes live in a funny house on top of a high mountain. Each is a character all its own and there is plenty of action in their community. They seem very different from us - yet sometimes strangely similar. Illustrated by Búi Kristjánsson.

Fjallakrílin - óvćnt heimsókn

The Mountain Gnomes - Unexpected Visit

Fjallakrílin - óvćnt heimsókn is a continuation of the first book about the gnomes. Unusual visitors create much stir among the gnomes. Illustrated by Búi Kristjánsson.

Út í víđa veröld ! / Out in the Wide World

A strange flock is heading abroad to look for an answer to a burning question: an irritable old man, three resourceful kids and old Jarpur with his cart. It is a long trip - and not without events and dangers. They meet travellers and tricksters, volcanoes and glacial cracks, elves and trolls. But much depends on them getting an answer to their question and their getting back home to save their town from hunger. Illustrated by Brian Pilkington.

Jólasveinarnir /The Santas

Jólasveinarnir tells the story of Iceland's version of Santa Claus. The thirteen Christmas trolls who come to town in the days before Christmas have intrigued and charmed Icelandic children for centuries. This book contains a tale of each of them - perfect for bed-time reading during the long wait for Christmas to arrive. Illustrated by Búi Kristjánsson.

The Good Dragon

Everyone in Twinkleton was happy because it was spring. The sun and the blue sky held hands almost day and night. Then something terrible happened: one day they woke up in pitch darkness and it didn't get light, not even when the village council held a meeting and agreed that the blue sky should come back at once. They were all confused except the dragon. He flew away carrying little Anna, Jacob and Gentle Paul, out into the unknown to search for the blue sky. Published in Icelandic and English. Illustrated by Búi Kristjánsson.


Knáir krakkar / Smart Kids

Knáir krakkar is an eventful and exciting book for 8 - 12 year olds. It takes place in the countryside at spring time. The three protagonists - Lóa, Búi and Hrói - participate in some of the rites of farm life such as the birthing of the lambs and nesting of the birds. But more adventures await them. They go camping and strange things happen. Illustrated by Auđur Eysteinsdóttir. The text of this book is easy-reading.

Víst er ég fullorđin / Days in Major and Minor

Days in Major and Minor takes place in a small country village around 1950. In those days girls sat quietly at balls, all drivers with a sense of responsibility blew their horn before going round the corner and every single teacher passed over the "dirty chapter" in health awareness class even though this was the only chapter that the pupils considered of any relevance. An introduction and two excerpts of the book have been translated into English by Bernard Scudder. The manuscript has also been translated into Swedish by Inge Knutson. The translations can be reached by contacting the author. 

Skuggarnir í fjallinu / Shadows in the Mountain

Skuggarnir í fjallinu is an exciting adventure featuring oceanic treasures, sitting in the loo, bacteria-killing snuff, naughty kids and a mysterious wooden leg. This book is partially built on the author´s memories from childhood.

Međ bómull í skónum  / Cotton Wool in Your Shoes

You don't always need much for children's imagination to take flight. Bad boys, ghosts and various wacky characters are about. Then things turn serious when an avalanche hits grandfather's stable. A vivid picture of life in a little village during the 1950s, featuring the same kids as Shadows in the Mountain.

Fjársjóđurinn í Útsölum / The Treasure of Utsalir

Fjársjóđurinn í Útsölum is an exciting adventure with modern connotations for children and youth. Huldar and Björt are friends even though they are quite different in many ways. But national events cast a shadow over their friendship. Only one thing can save them: they have to find the treasure... Illustrated by Hlín Gunnarsdóttir.


Olla og Pési / Olla and Pete

Olla og Pési is an adventurous story. The setting is Reykjavík. The little girl, Olla, is brought up by three excentrics that live on the only farm left in the city of Reykjavík. They earn their living by farming and fishing on their small boat. The


Er allt ađ verđa vitlaust / Is everything going crazy?

Er allt ađ verđa vitlaust?  The four main persons in this book are 13. year old classmates working in a team on a  project about children in the 19th century. They are threatened by a group of older pupils in their school. They find life difficult in between and discover that so

Ţokugaldur / Magic in the Fog

Ţokugaldur  tells about Valný, who is 16 and has just moved to Iceland from Sweden. She misses her old friends and feels out of place in her new home. It is only when she gets lost in a fog up on a mountain and she meets Friđrik that things start changing. Almost two centuries earlier a young woman got lost at the same spot and Valný in a strange way gets to know her story and discovers that they have several things in common.

Snuđra og Tuđra / TEENY AND WEENY

Two rebellious sisters, with minds of their own, get into some hilarious adventures in a series of books that are loved by all children who have ever felt it unnecessary to play by rules set by grown-ups.  Ten Snudra and Tudra books have been published. Illustrated by Gunnar Karlsson. Illustrated by Gunnar Karlsson.

Haustgríma (Autumn Night)

The first book by Idunn Steinsdottir aimed at a grown-up audience. The story is set in the Age of the Vikings and is partly based on a story from the ancient Book of Settlement (Landnámabók). The scene is the Hebrides, Norway and Iceland.




Snuđra og Tuđra í jólabakstri (Teeny and Weeny bake for Christmas)

The hilarious sisters are resourceful and only too willing to help when it comes to baking for Christmas.  Salka , Rvk. 2002





Kynjaverur í Kverkfjöllum (Ice on Fire) NEW

A small island is created in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.  Like a strange animal with a knobbly head. Spirits of the air and merpeople have watched enthusiastically as the land is formed and in each mountain and waterfall, every cliff and glacier resides a powerful guardian of the land. Some guardians are hot as fire, others cold as ice. This might explain why they constantly bicker and fight with each other.
One day new creatures, humans, enter the scene on birdfishes and settle on the island. Centuries pass and the humans constantly think of something weird to do, such as racing over the highlands on stinking-stallions or flying right through startled air spirits on petrifying powerdragons.
Terrible things are happening in Fireice Mountains. Air spirits, trolls, elves, mermaids and mermen all need to unite against the enemy. Can the guardians overcome their differences and protect their country?
A powerful story of friendship, of trust and respect for our island and for every living being on it.

 Illustrations by Búi Kristjánsson.
Salka, Rvk. 2003



Bras og ţras á Bunulćk / Troubles and squabbles at Bugđulćkur

Bras og ţras á Bunulćk. An old man in Reykjavík is run over by a car and two children try to save his dog from being put down. This easy reading book won a prize in a competition held by the Center of Educational Materials in 1984. 



Iđunn og eplin / Idunn and the Apples

Idunn and the Apples tells in very simple language some tales of ancient norse mythology. Published as part of a series designed for the youngest readers. Illustrated by Búi Kristjánsson.

Ormurinn í Lagarfljóti / The serpent of Lagarfljot

The serpent of Lagarfljot attempts to explain the myth of the serpent of Lagarfljot. Also published as part of a series designed for the youngest readers. Illustrated by Búi Kristjánsson.

Lesum saman


Lesum meira saman

Let's read together and Let´s read more together is a collection of short stories, verses and folk tales that form a whole. Written for the Icelandic school system, the book is accompanied by a workbook.